Be your best self even if you’re broke. The need for unity, and other random thoughts on survival.

Be your best self even if you’re broke.

There's certain things the system can’t take from you.

When I was at sundance a thought popped into my head "Spirits aren't weak. Minds are."

You have both a spirit and a mind, and although the human mind can be powerful, in this modern era its usually our weakest link.

Reduce the mind. Calm it, clear it, train it.

Nature, letting go of all control, love, laughing, working out, meditation, fasting, kindness, and last but not least spirituality. These are tools to clear and clean the mind. To reduce the mind till you can feel what your spirit or intuition wants and let that feeling lead. That's where strength is, our own spirit, but sometimes we have to get passed the mind to hear it.

I love you all. At sundance I prayed for the judge overseeing the DAPL case. I think everyone should keep praying. One of the messages that came through is that when we get back to unity and prayer creator will step in and intervene, but that's our collective free will. Love each other, talk good about each other. The last message I want to share is they said "this isn't a cause... this is more important than a cause. This is survival."

When I was fasting and painfully thirsty I was thinking about the kids and wondering if we don't protect clean water and preserve it if our children or grandchildren are going to have to suffer through that feeling I was having, except with no choice and with no ending after 4 days? Just endless thirst or poisoned water? So let's all stick together and love each other because I don't have any answers other than unity and starting with prayer as it was at Standing Rock. Together we can find the answers. We each have a piece of the puzzle but without unity its incomplete and probably impossible.

Shawn T