If we don’t stand, who will?

"I'm an artist. It's one of my purposes here on this earth. Sound, words, film are my canvas. Real artists use lies to paint the truth, while politicians use truths to paint lies. These are crucial times. Humanity needs truth and more love. And as I innovate with music I hope to spread more of both of those.

As the world gets crazier, I see my role more clearly.

It's not just music anymore. There is a quote by Louis Riel, "My people will sleep for one hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back." He spoke these words a little over 100 years ago and I know that time is now. With Trump in office and humanity at a crossroads, we need to choose between coming together or self destruction.

They label me an activist but really I'm just a human being who gives a fuck as all people should in these times. I'm Indigenous.... Mexican, Lakota, European and am a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. I'm a human being with an important purpose, and so are you. Music is one of my purposes but it extends beyond that.

Likewise, you are here for a purpose. Your capacity to affect change, your reason for being here, your freewill and your existence is important. You are powerful if you choose to live it. I am going to change the world by putting good ideas out there, practical ideas that people can use to make sense of the world and better their lives. I've also realized that real music isn't powerful unless it matches your actions outside music. That's when it becomes powerful.

Before its all said and done I will change millions of minds and I will have an impact. All I need is the peoples support. Nothing truly great is done alone and I love you all. Stay strong."


Prolific is an Indigenous Hip Hop and film artist currently based out of Rapid City, SD. He was recently active in the NoDAPL Indigenous resistance movement at Standing Rock, ND and that is where much of direction manifested. While there he recorded a music video "Black Snakes" that went viral twice on Facebook and Youtube for a total of more than 2 million collective views.

For filming at Standing Rock, Morton County Sheriffs office attempted to put him in prison for 7 years. He beat them in court and is now free working on more music.