"We are a speck of dust and the fate of the universe hinges upon us." -Rick Strassman

According to Zen philosophy the forces of good and evil are relatively equal with 51.1% on one side and 49.9% on the other. In such a world the fate of the universe can depend upon a single individuals action. Thus... We are a speck of dust and the fate of the universe hinges upon us.

A coordinated effort between politicians, mainstream media, corporate entities, law enforcement, military, intelligence agencies, and any other required resource is put into action to manipulate societies, cultures, groups, nations, into following an overall plan.

The main component of this plan is always fear. Fear that is used to divide people where there should be no division. These divisions may be racial, political, religious, or monetary. The end goal is always the same, less power for the individual and more power for the global elite.

It is time to stop being manipulated. It is time to stop blaming others and look into yourself for a solution to the problems of the world.

RACE - First and foremost we are all members of the human race. We are human, in this we are the same. Our opinions may differ but at our core we are biologically and spiritually fundamentally the same. Acknowledge and hold dear that common bond and then the difference in skin color becomes minor if not totally insignificant.

POLITICS - Most of us simply want improvement in our living conditions. To be able to live in peace with some degree of physical and monetary security. There are many differing opinions on how to best achieve that. We are all sovereigns who should be responsible and respect other sovereign beings. From that viewpoint we should discuss the best possible solutions. There is no need for a two party system. There is only a need to view the problems from many angles in order to reach an optimum or at least a workable solution. There is no need to waste time debating abstract political philosophies.

RELIGION - Everyone should be free to believe as they wish. No one should try to force their beliefs on another. Discussions on various beliefs can be beneficial. Fighting is not beneficial.

MONEY - The monetary system is inherently unfair to the extent of being fraudulent. A new monetary system is required in order to solve the world's problems. Many problems will resolve automatically under a fair and just monetary system.

Refuse to be divided.

Look into yourself for answers.

Let go of your fears.

Be the speck of dust that changes the universe.

Shawn T