Oil is flowing through The Dakota Access Pipeline. They think they won, but they lost.

When victory = self destruction, you can't win.

When victory means your grandchildren might not have clean water, you can't win. Stealing from future generations is not a victory, it's defeat, it's self destruction. It's an illusion.

Its not just about this one pipeline, but all the pipelines coming. Its about the water, its about humanity moving away from self destruction and toward doing what is right.

Moving your grandchildren and humanity closer to suffering is not victory. There is no way to win when what your doing is wrong. To be perfectly honest what they're doing is destroying their own spirit, their grandchildren will be ashamed of them, God and everything good is and will be ashamed of them, and their next life will be a bad one or maybe hell if there is a hell.

We the water protectors won because we woke up, and all it takes is 3.5% of the population to stay engaged in a movement for that movement to eventually become victorious changing society. So stay awake, stay engaged and never give up for the rest of your life. People want to be Warriors? Then be it. But in today's era that means doing it through prayer and intellect not through fighting. This is intellectual and spiritual battle not physical. Violence or destruction of property wont work, it will only increase the oppression. You want to be a warrior... then do it through prayerful dedication for the rest of your life.

There's a quote I've been thinking about and I think Crazy Horse said it. Something like "a man's worth is not measured in what he can take from his ancestors, it's measured in what he leaves for future generations."

America is failing in becoming great because it is selling out everything for-profit. Come to find out DAPL was never about creating jobs or helping the people, it was only about making the Bakken oil formation more profitable by making oil transportation cheaper (not safer). That's the insanity of this modern world, it's never about what's right, it's always about increasing profit. Selfishness. These men and women who are risking the water are taking from future generations, which means their lives work is worthless, as people they are making themselves worthless. But we the people are the ones with the power, and we can change the world if enough of us wake up and stay dedicated peacefully. The government doesn't own us, we give it its power, which means we are not powerless, but we are powerful. What I believe we have to do is keep waking up, and dedicate our lives to it... I love you all. Good night. New music coming soon.

Shawn T